“I had the pleasure of working with Gianna as my life coach. At first I didn’t know what to expect. I have done therapy in the past but I always felt I never had a good connection with my therapist. From the very first session with Gianna I felt completely at ease and comfortable with her. She is kind, compassionate, and nonjudgmental. I was provided with a safe space to be vulnerable and open about different things I’ve struggled with. I never felt judged, embarrassed, or second guessed anything. This is a testament to how amazing Gianna truly is. She gives her all to her clients and truly wants to help them be the best version of themselves. When working with Gianna, I got so much out of our sessions and was held accountable by being assigned tasks (not tedious or super time consuming). These helped me to really follow through with addressing my goals and anything in the past that I held onto. I was able to rewrite my story and take ownership of it. I felt empowered and the more I worked with Gianna the more positive change I noticed. I was given tools that will last a lifetime and have helped me immensely. I find myself to be more reflective, goal oriented, and a better version of myself. I definitely have seen the benefits of life coaching. Gianna takes the sessions seriously and wants to listen to her clients. She goes above and beyond to help you reach your goals. It was absolutely one of the best decisions I’ve made and I’m so grateful that I was able to have that experience.”

– Lisa Santiago, 33

“Inspiring, motivating and intuitive are just a few words of many to describe Gianna. When I no longer believed in myself, it was through her consistent support and guidance that helped me find my way. I was hurting, confused and had lost myself along with every ounce of my self-confidence. I was in a dark place where the light at the end of the tunnel did not seem obtainable. I was stuck but I wanted to move forward and live the life I deserved to live. Gianna was able to shed clarity on my life path. Each interaction with Gianna would leave me feeling empowered and energized. Not only has Gianna guided me through various exercises that have helped identify repeated patterns in my life, but she has also provided me with the resources and strategies I needed to identify exactly what I needed to move forward. My personal goals were buried deep within me and Gianna was able to clarify my values, desires and passions. Most importantly she reconnected me to gratitude. She reminded me I am enough and worthy of happiness and success. The effort I have put into taking the baby steps have ultimately turned into a collection of things that have given me the confidence to take even bigger steps in my life. I would highly recommend Gianna to anyone who feels stuck and wants to learn the skills to change. I will be forever grateful for the compassion, patience and consistent support Gianna provides for me.”

– Jenna Coppola, 30

“I always knew I wanted to receive life coaching but I never had the courage to follow through and finally chose myself. One day I came across Gianna’s page on instagram and I knew this was the sign I needed. That’s when I knew it was time to make a change. I did the 10 week life coaching package and let me tell you, I am a totally different person today than I was 10 weeks ago.

Working with Gianna has been the best decision I ever made. Before life coaching I had self-doubt, was a “people pleaser,” insecure and had a negative mindset. Gianna helped me become conscious of my patterns and ways of thinking which influenced the life that I was living. She helped me build my inner confidence, trust in myself, become more independent, overcome self doubt and heal past wounds.

There are so many amazing benefits from working with Gianna but one of my favorite parts of working with her is that every week she will assign you a journaling assignment that helps you dive in deep to reflect and make connections you didn’t know existed to better understand yourself. I really benefited from doing the assignments and I believe, from my personal experience, that if you put in the work you will see yourself change before your eyes.

I also love how down to earth Gianna is and understanding. I will never forget telling Gianna “I feel like my entire life my eyes have been open but I didn’t see until now.” Gianna exceeded my expectations in every aspect and I plan on hiring her again and again and again. If you are reading this, this is your sign to make the change in your life that you’ve put off for so long and I promise you won’t regret it.”

– Chloe McKeon, 25

“My experiences before working with Gianna were fear of the unknown, self doubt, no confidence, fear of failing and negativity.

A friend had recommended Gianna to me and I’m so grateful she did. I never worked with a life coach before but after our 20 minute phone consult I knew immediately it was going to be a great journey. I got a very good vibe and I was very excited to start working with her. I was skeptical in the beginning but after my first session that changed. I felt an immediate connection with her and she was so easy to speak with. I looked forward to my early morning sessions. I felt like it was a good way to start off my day.

The best part of working with Gianna was she gave me the tools I needed to start implementing in my life which was exactly what I was needing. I started creating boundaries for myself, learning how to love myself and realizing all of my feelings I was experiencing were valid .

For me the one thing I’ve noticed in myself was that I learned to fully understand myself. I now understand why certain things affected me and triggered certain feelings the way they did. This understanding has changed my relationships for the better.

I am forever grateful and so thankful for Gianna’s guidance throughout my journey. I would absolutely 100% recommend life coaching to anyone. I feel like this is a new way of life for me and I’m loving it.”

– Jeanine Hodkinson, 52

“Towards the end of 2021 I started to notice in myself a lot of negative feelings/emotions; anger, anxiety, grief, feelings of frustration with communication to others. I have SO much to be grateful for, but something was missing. I felt “lost” in a sense, I felt out of tune with myself. I saw patterns in myself that I wasn’t happy with. These patterns started to effect my everyday life.

I had already been following Gianna for a many years, I found her on Instagram when she was really promoting her talents with hair. We had never met, we had never spoken. From time to time, I would see her posts. But more specifically, over the last few years I watched her transform. I didn’t know her story or where she came from or why she ended up being involved in the work she does today… but in that moment for me, when I decided I needed to ask for help and I needed to make a change, she was the first person I thought of. 

In January we did our first consultation call and instantly I felt a connection to her. We had so much in common. She was SO easy to talk to. She has this gentle, patience nature to her. She was so informative on what it takes to change YOUR life. I felt comfortable. For the first time in a really long time I did something for me by signing up for Gianna’s 10 week Life Coaching Program. Although I was nervous, Gianna has this way of pumping you up! I was excited and ready for this!

It was, one of, the greatest decision I have ever made. Over the next 10 weeks, THE UNIVERSE TESTED ME IN EVERY SINGLE WAY POSSIBLE. Every objective from our first session, that we outlined together, was somehow brought to light. I know now, that it was the Universe showing me it was time to face these challenges I was experiencing. At first, there was a lot of resistance on my end. I knew I wanted this but I wanted an easy quick fix and Gianna was right there – lovingly pushing me. Reminding me each step of the way that I was worthy of all the good things except I had to do the inner work!

I started the program putting everyone else needs in front of my own, people pleasing. I had childhood wounds, I wasn’t even aware of. I didn’t know what boundaries were. I felt like my voice was not heard. I was lacking self confidence. The change and positive impact Gianna’s course had on my life is something I truly can’t put into words. I have never felt so confident in myself. I know my voice not only is heard but it moves mountains. I learned the importance of boundaries and how without them, I was only hurting myself. I learned that my wants & needs will now come before anyone else! Not only did I gain a new outlook on myself and my life, I learned so so so many tools to help me continue my inner work journey!

I can not thank Gianna enough for all she has taught me, for sticking by my side during a very difficult 10 weeks together. She is truly a bright light in this world. She was put on this earth to do exactly what she is doing! I am so grateful our paths crossed 

For anyone thinking of taking a course with her, don’t hesitate! You will NOT be disappointed.”

– Elizabeth Hauner, 32

Our work together has literally saved me. You helped me get through barriers I never knew I had. I was able to understand a lot of things that happened to me as a child that were affecting me now as an adult that I didn’t have answers for. I am now able to express to others what my needs are and not be worried about the outcome.”

– Zuleika Hernandez, 30 

Some takeaways/ wins from this past coaching experience:

Trusting my intuition and going for it all. Listening to my own self. I learned to ask myself “What is this situation trying to teach me?” and see things from a different perspective. Do more things that makes little Zuleika happy and a big one, getting into the habit of meditating everyday. I learned to not be scared of who I am and what makes me Zee. To Feel my emotions. My compassion for others is one of my superpowers. 

The peace I feel after our 4 sessions is insane. I prayed for this and with the tools you gave me I am ready to continue becoming the best version of me and owning who I am. 

– Zuleika Hernandez, 31

“I truly believe meeting Gianna was no coincidence. After expressing all of the pain I was experiencing to my cousin, she recommended I try life coaching with Gianna. I have been in therapy for many years and felt stuck. I knew I needed to change my life and Gianna was the person to help guide me to a fulfilling life and trust myself. She is a God-send, someone who encompasses love and strength and made me feel so at ease from the beginning of my sessions. She opened my eyes to all the pain and loneliness I experienced as a child. Gianna helped me to forgive people in my past and let go of my pain and suffering. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and release my anxiety of fear and feelings of hopelessness. I feel so empowered now and I am able to understand where my limiting beliefs about myself came from. Now I hear Gianna’s voice inside of me saying “You can do HARD THINGS!”. I am so grateful for my time with her and putting myself first. Moving forward in life means that I will follow my dreams and know that my potential is limitless. I am able to trust my intuition and release the toxic relationships I’ve had in my life. I can’t wait to see my dreams come to fruition and I am so excited for the future. Thank you so much Gianna, I feel so blessed to have met you!

– Marie Petroro,  52

“I never thought I would be the type of person to look into life coaching. As a teen, I tried therapy after a traumatic life event and I didn’t enjoy my experience at all. I wanted to learn how to overcome my problems, not to continue pushing things under the rug & when something happened again, it’d come back like opening a can of worms. I caught myself in a time in my life where I knew I had to get better for things to get better. That’s when I decided to go all in and try life coaching with Gianna. My business was beginning to rise, and my life seemed to be at its greatest. And then life coaching shook it up. I realized things seemed fine because I was always a people pleaser; I saw I was doing things for others and less for me.

Life coaching put me in a position to set boundaries and do things that feel good and authentic to me. I’m at a place where I’ve removed friendships that no longer serve me, people are respecting me to the level I express to be respected – and most importantly, the little girl in me is proud.

Every session felt like a missing piece to the puzzle. I learned how to cope with certain parts of my life and now when things come up, I know how to act, not how to hide from it. This is a decision I’d make over and over again. The certainty I feel in my every day life could not have happened without Gianna. Those 10 weeks together were the birthing process of who I am today.

– Tiffany Chaverra,  24